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Apevia X-QPACK3-PK Micro ATX Cube (Pink Edition) – PC Gaming Case Review In 2017

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A five star rated computer case that is very well reputed in the market due to it’s high performance and marvelous features.

The X-QPACK3 is the descendant of the X-QPACK which has arrived with some much stronger and smarter options.

It is completely innovative in terms of its design, features and components. The Apevia-X QPACK3 has been designed to perfection, it is sleek and elegant in appearance and you can now easily install whatever you want because of it’s beautiful flip top design.

It is quiet versatile and can fit to your lifestyles easily weather you are computer geek, a professional or just a gamer, it can prove to be the best option that you’ll ever make.

The Micro ATX gaming case can be summarized in one word and that is “Perfect”. It contains red tinted side windows that can help you in viewing the interior of the system.

It also has dust filters that are easily removable, in short you can clean the dust filters in a matter of a few minutes with any complexity.

It is able to support micro ATX / ITX / mini ITX motherboard and not only this but it also supports VGA up to 320mm in length.

It can install up to 2 fans in the system where as one is preinstalled, a 1x140mm LED fan in the front of the system so that the system doesn’t heat up and you can play your games without having anything to worry about. It is very spacious so that you can be flexible in building your system.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the X-QPACK3 that can make it easy to decide, what’s best for you!

  • Sleek and compact in design with large tainted windows and a red LED fan in the front!
  • It gives a super cooling performance with less noise of the fan.
  • It is quiet spacious and can also accommodate extra long graphic cars which surely is a plus point.
  • It is a little heavy in weight and cannot be easily carried.

The market is now full of different Computer Cases with a variety of features so it definitely becomes difficult to decide, what would be the most suitable one for you. The X-QPACK3 is completely reliable and is well reputed in terms of its quality and performance both!

If you have already used the X-QPACK then you must try the X-QPACK3 and you will actually experience a much more stronger and innovative PC case with plenty of outstanding features.

Affordable, high in quality, variety of features and low in budget, what else would you desire in a computer case? The Apevia X-QPACK3 is a must try if you are a quality lover!

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