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BitFenix BFC-NEO – The Powerful Computer Case (Purple Edition) Review In 2017

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The BitFenix Computer case might be the best computer case that you’ll find in this year. It has a variety of desirable features that can bring you a next level gaming experience.

It is simple yet extremely stylish and gives a very elegant and Decent look, its body is made up of steel and plastic both and the design is completely outstanding.

If you are a first time builder who is looking for a quality and value then the BFC-NEO-100 is made for you.

It is a well -crafted model that gives a clean and beautiful look with a side panel through which you can view the interior of the case.

The Neos is quiet spacious and expandable too, it is compatible with graphic cards that are up to 30cm long and it also contains dedicated 2.5’ and 3.5’ drive racks.

Now it is easier and convenient to install things in your system with the BFC-NEO-100 as it provides you a lot of space inside where you can fit anything that you want to add up.

Mostly computer cases have this major problem that the dust gets stuck inside and it becomes difficult for you to clean it up but now there are proper built in filters in the NEOS case that can provide you quicker cleaning like never before.

The NEOS contains high speed and high performing USB ports that can help you in transferring your files in a matter of a few seconds.

You can also chose the color that suits your style the most, it is available in both black and white. It contains large mesh holes that enable direct airflow due to which the system always remains cooled down and never heats up.

Here are a few Pros and Cons of the BFC-NEO-100 that can help you to choose the best one for yourself!

  • It is compact in design and gives a marvelous and elegant look.
  • It has high speed USB ports which enable fast transfer of files.
  • The mesh holes enable direct airflow to keep it from heating up.
  • There is little room available in the back of the system for cable management.
  • The material of the case is a bit poor in quality and it catches dust and stains from the very first day.

Like all other Computer Cases, this one also has some flaws but if we look towards the features and design of it then the drawbacks can surely be ignored.

If you are looking forward to buying a high in quality, high in performance and low in budget computer case then the BitFenix Computer Case BFC-NEO-100 is worth a try and it won’t disappoint you in any case so you can completely rely on it if you want an exciting gaming experience.

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