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Rosewill B2 SPIRIT ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case B2 SPIRIT – The Best of All the Time Gaming Case Review In 2017

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Rosewill computer cases have never been a disappointment to anyone and they never fail to impress their users with their innovations in their cases. Here is one more landmark achieved by them and that is the Rosewill B2 Spirit gaming computer case. High in quality, high in performance and excellent in reviews!

Yes up till now the B2 SPIRIT has 5 star customer reviews and is top rated at the moment. It might be unbelievable but it is a fact that the B2 SPIRIT is the best computer case that you’ll find this year. It is a fancy and stylish computer case with a touch of decent and smart! Either you are a computer geek or a professional, enthusiastic gamer, the B2 SPIRIT has covered it all for you with its miraculous features and outstanding performance.

Its motherboard compatibility stand with Micro ATX, E-ATX, ATX and HPATX so if you are looking forward to build a storage monster, a sophisticated cooling system or a performance beast, the Rosewill B2 is all made for you.

It comes with lift able top panels that allow you easy access to the interior of the case without any complexity and not only this but it also possesses top quality fans that are popping out from the front of the case.

It contains a removable HDD support of 13HDD/SSD which is quiet a lot for someone who want to take their gaming experience to a next level. Another amazing part of this case is that it is spacious enough for you to install all your desirable components.

It comes with bigger fans and bigger fans ultimately lead to lesser noise. So, one of the major problems of noise is also solved with this excellent B2 SPIRIT. You can install hard drives of any size as it has so much room inside with a dedicated space for your 2.5 SSD’S. The cable management is absolutely lavish and there are proper hiding spaces for the cables at the back of the case.

Here are a few Pros and Cons to the marvelous B2 SPIRIT that will help you in making the perfect decision for yourself.

  • Spacious
  • Big sized fans with lesser noise
  • Dust filters to give you an easy to clean case
  • The side panels don’t slide off easily.

The drawback of the side panels can actually be ignored keeping in view the number of unique features that this computer case possesses.

There are proper dust filters which will be a great aid for you to clean the case in just a few minutes. So, the Rosewill B2 SPIRIT computer case is high in quality, numerous in features, excellent in functioning and elegant in design and above all, it is low in budget. Make a wiser and a better choice and go for this marvelous computer case!

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